2018: The Year When Plans Turn into Action    

make plans 2018With a new year, come many resolutions to make the coming months some of our best yet. We make plans to get more active, to eat right, to volunteer, etc. But yet, for many of us, these goals we set are short-lived, and more often than not, don’t come to fruition. 

Over the last several months, our team at the Commission on Professionalism has been working to educate attorneys on the health and wellness crisis that the legal profession is facing.  

Earlier in 2017, the Illinois Supreme Court adopted a recommendation of the Commission to require Illinois attorneys to take one hour of diversity and inclusion CLE and one hour of mental health and substance abuse CLE during each two-year reporting period in hope of educating the profession about the issue at stake. 

Therefore, this year, our team is setting a resolution on our own. Through our weekly blog posts, news items, e-newsletter, and all of our educational programming, the Commission plans to continue educating Illinois attorneys about the importance and dire need for health and wellness in our profession. 

As lawyers, we are leaders. To create and inspire change, we need to be focus on our individual well-being, as well as, the overall health and wellness of our profession. To properly serve our clients and the profession, we first need to take a step back and better serve ourselves.  

Below, our team has shared personal tips and tricks for attorneys to start this new year off on the right foot – with well-being at the forefront, as well as, a few pieces that challenged our team to think differently.   

We hope you take these tips to heart, and challenge you to make plans for self-care in 2018.  

Turning Plans into Action 

Content That Inspires Change 

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