Healthy, happy lawyers improve the culture of the profession and the quality of justice.

31 % of Illinois lawyers disciplined in 2019 identified substance use or mental impairment issues.1
28 % of lawyers struggle with depression.2
23 % of lawyers struggle with stress.2
21 % of lawyers report what may be problem drinking.2
19 % of lawyers struggle with anxiety.2

The legal profession is well-known for its long hours, excessive workload, and high pressure — and it’s having a significant impact on attorney well-being. Evidence shows that these professional stressors can cause serious mental health and substance use challenges in attorneys at a higher rate than the general population.

Moreover, maladaptive coping mechanisms can contribute to legal competency challenges that impact an attorney’s ability to serve their clients. Lawyers who aren’t prioritizing well-being don’t have the mental clarity and energy to analyze, synthesize, and handle the stressful situations that are common in the profession. This can impact professionalism, civility, and an attorney’s standing in the legal community.

The reality is that the quality and quantity of work increases when a person is healthy and well. We are dedicated to advancing a healthier and happier legal profession, which will not only improve the culture of the profession but also the quality of justice attorneys deliver.