Ending Harassment, Bullying, and Incivility in the Legal Workplace

The American Bar Association Model Rules, as well as the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, indicate that civility is required for the practice of law. However, in the legal profession, negative and derogatory comments are often directed at opposing counsel and even judges.

With incivility on the rise within the legal workplace it is important to ask, do lawyers know what constitutes incivility? Are they aware of the disciplinary actions that can result from unprofessional behavior?

Image of people sitting at a conference table. A woman is speaking confidently while others listen attentively.

This interactive eLearning course will help lawyers to:

  1. Understand the forms of incivility in the legal workplace;
  2. Recognize the causes and consequences of workplace incivility; and
  3. Incorporate effective tools for managing incivility in their organization and in person-to-person interactions.

In this course, attorneys are placed in real-life scenarios t help them manage workplace incivility and identify organizational changes that can lead to a more equitable work environment. Before you launch the course, be sure to read the agenda. You are also encouraged to review the following course materials which are also available in the Resources tab of this eLearning course:

This course is approved for 1.0 hours of professional responsibility CLE credit in Illinois.

Before Launching the Course

  1. To receive CLE credit, complete the CLE Feedback & Attestation Survey at the end of the course. You will automatically be prompted to take the survey upon finishing the course.
    You must list your correct ARDC number in the survey. Please take a moment to locate it. You will not receive CLE credit if you do not complete the survey or use an incorrect ARDC number.
  2. For the most reliable experience, launch this course in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Course software is not supported by Internet Explorer.


The Commission on Professionalism would like to thank the following people and organizations for their contribution to this course: The Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC), Steven M. Elrod, John K. Kim, Wendy Muchman, John F. O’Reilly, Hon. Diane M. Shelley.