The legal profession has charted a new course led by accelerated tech adoption.

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10 % of lawyers say they are currently using AI tools.1
84 % of lawyers say their firm is on social media.1
67 % of lawyers it is important to have training on emerging technologies.1
35 % of lawyers say their firm website includes a secure client portal1
51 % of lawyers say that using AI can save time and/or increase efficiency.1

The legal profession is under pressure. A growing number of Americans are engaging internet-based law companies or representing themselves in court while attorneys are struggling to maintain a practice.

At the same time, breakthroughs in legal technology provide opportunities to rethink the delivery of legal services. Attorneys are modernizing their practices, boosting efficiency and tailoring services to meet the unique demands of today’s clients. And, at the judicial level, courts are leveraging virtual hearings and automated court documents to expand access to the justice system to a more tech-savvy public.

However, the changing legal landscape doesn’t come without structural and security concerns. As regulators respond to the future of the profession, attorneys have an ethical duty to stay informed on changes to the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks of technology.

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