Civility inspires confidence in the Rule of Law.

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93 % of Americans believe incivility is a problem.1
85 % of lawyers have experienced uncivil or unprofessional behavior in the last 6 months.2
75 % of female attorneys have experienced demeaning workplace behavior.3
65 % of Americans trust their state court system.4
21 % of Americans associate lawyers with high honesty and ethics.5

The practice of law involves advocacy and contention. Lawyers have an obligation to protect and pursue client interests, however, the Rules of Professional Conduct provide they do so while maintaining a professional, courteous, and civil attitude.

As officers of the legal system, lawyers and judges play a special role in the preservation of democratic society. When lawyers engage in challenges with respect for both sides, they instill public confidence in the justice system and the Rule of Law.

Civil lawyers are more effective and achieve better outcomes. They build better reputations and may have higher job satisfaction. Conversely, incivility negatively impacts attorney well-being, invites discipline, and perpetuates stereotypes that have plagued the profession.

Through our work, the Commission uses education to promote civility in our legal and judicial systems.