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Sponsoring Organizations

We partner with roughly 100 organizations across Illinois to administer the lawyer-to-lawyer mentoring program to their employees, members, and alumni.

While bar associations, law firms, law schools, and government agencies have somewhat different objectives for their programs, they share a common goal: to promote integrity, professionalism, and civility among the newest members of the legal profession through the passing on of wisdom and experience from more seasoned attorneys.

Sponsoring organizations are broken out into open enrollment and in-house programs. More information and a list of organizations approved to administer mentoring programs for CLE credit is below.

Unlike in-house mentoring programs, which are reserved for employees, open enrollment programs are available to any attorney who has an affilation with the organization. Attorneys can register through their bar association, judicial circuit, or professional group. Alumni can even participate through their law school. Please note, some sponsoring organizations have a membership requirement.

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Law firms, government organizations, and corporations offer in-house mentoring programs to their employees. In-house programs are closed to attorneys who aren’t employees of the organization.

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