• alternative fee arrangements

    Embrace Alternative Fee Arrangements; Kill the Billable Hour

    The billable hour undermines professionalism. It incentivizes lawyer inefficiencies and undermines client confidence. Alternative fee arrangements align the incentives of lawyers and clients and should become the norm. Despite Reports, the Billable Hour is Not Dead When I started practicing,…
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  • Value

    Sure, Your Clients Want Value, But How?

    “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” ~Warren Buffet quoting Benjamin Graham (2008 Annual Report of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.)   If you were to ask seasoned lawyers to describe their job to a classroom of students, you…
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  • Alternative Business Structures Hidden Figures

    The Disruption of Alternative Business Structures

    It used to be that any services provided by a lawyer were legal services and only a lawyer could provide those services.  Not anymore.  Alternative legal service providers are everywhere. And in some jurisdictions of the world, professionals in addition…
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  • Two-Factor Authentication

    How to Use Two-Factor Authentication

    As we enjoy all the conveniences of the online world to make communication and access to information as easy as the literal push of a button, so comes the dramatic rise in digital crime and internet fraud. Just as you…
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law day in illinois

Celebrate Law Day at These Local Illinois Events Next Week

Each year on May 1st, legal professionals, bar associations, and other legal organizations across the United States celebrate Law Day. Since 1958, we have recognized Law Day as the official day of national dedication to the principals of government under…
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Posted by on April 26, 2017

california state bar lawyer conduct rules

California State Bar Approves Changes to its Lawyer Conduct Rules

In late 2016, we wrote about the possibility of the California State Bar adopting a ban on sexual relations between lawyers and clients. At that time, the State Bar’s Rules Commission had until March 2017 to get approval from its…
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Posted by on April 17, 2017

federal judiciary technology

Federal Judiciary Revamps Website to Increase Public Awareness

The U.S. Courts have gone digital. This month, the Federal Judiciary Center, the research and education agency of the Judicial Branch of the United States government, rebranded its website in the hopes of increasing public awareness and accessibility to information…
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Posted by on April 12, 2017