• client satisfaction

    Legal Trends Report Emphasizes Client Satisfaction

    “We start with the customer, and work backwards.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon With a decade of candles shining brightly on its birthday cake, legal practice management software company Clio continues to show it is a leader in legal…
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  • workplace civility

    Workplace Civility: Leaders Can Make a Difference

    It’s been a tough road to hoe in the civility business.  Surveys and anecdotes about the caustic uncivil interactions in America—particularly in politics—abound. But there is a bright spot on the horizon.  A recent survey shows that in workplaces where…
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  • change

    Diversity and Well-Being Education Focused on Change

    By 2044, our country will become a majority-minority nation. And yet, the legal profession that represents it remains 85% white, more so at the highest levels of the profession. Meanwhile, despite the massive entry of women into the workplace over…
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  • client informaiton

    How to Ethically Store and Transmit Client Information in the Cloud

    It’s all too common to find law firms busting at the seams with an avalanche of paper. Some might say it’s in our nature. The importance of “the original” of a document begins in the hallowed halls of law school….
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affordable legal services

Utah to Become Second State to License Paralegals to Practice Law

Closing the Justice Gap In an effort to close the justice gap, Utah is poised to become the second state to license paralegals to practice law in limited circumstances. In November, the Utah Supreme Court is expected to approve and…
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legal talent

An Institute for the Future of New Legal Talent

Legal services are not being deployed in the way they were a few years (or a hundred years) back.  Which means we need lawyers trained with new skills using new methodologies.  And unfortunately, law schools are not equipped at this…
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Commissioner Spotlight

James DeAno

James DeAno

I developed a curiosity for the law when I was in high school. I remember having classes where we held mock debates and trials. I personally loved making arguments and enjoyed the process of crafting a counterpoint to address the opposing arguments.  …
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