• SMART New Year's Resolutions

    Lawyers, Make These 5 SMART New Year’s Resolutions Today

    Every January, millions of Americans take part in a tradition stretching back thousands of years: making New Year’s resolutions. And every March, millions of Americans take part in another tradition: failing to keep their New Year’s resolutions. We at the…
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  • law model

    Embrace A New Law Model To Better Serve Public And Lawyers

    Lawyers may have no formal training in them, but technology and selling are part of the job description. “I didn’t go to law school to be an IT guy!” my law school classmate exclaimed in exasperation.  Another friend has characterized…
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  • education

    Lawyers and Judges Engage in Education for Change

    We are having a tenth anniversary this autumn. Ten years of inspiring and engaging the legal profession with a goal of better serving the people of Illinois.  How are we doing this? Primarily through education, educating for change. Civility Focus:…
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  • lawyer to lawyer mentoring program

    Entering the Profession, Connecting with Mentoring

    “Excuse me, do you know where we sign in?” They just needed a little guidance. They weren’t afraid to ask. They have had many questions and will have many more. As for right now, they are in a transition point…
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The Future Is Now: Legal Services 2.016

A conference co-sponsored by the American Bar Association Commission on the Future of Legal Services, the Illinois State Bar Association, the Chicago Bar Association, the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois, and the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism was held…
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privacy competency certification

ABA to Consider Privacy Competency Certification

As concern over privacy, cyber security, and intellectual property legal issues arise, the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates is taking note. In fact, rumor has it that the ABA is considering the adoption of a new privacy competency certification…
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Posted by on December 9, 2016

illinois amended mentoring rule

Illinois Expands Mentoring Eligibility Under Mentoring Rule

The holiday season is upon us and lawyers are giving back. This time of year, legal professionals are offering their time and talent to pro bono clients in need. Organizations are continuing their drive to raise the level of resources…
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Posted by on December 6, 2016