• continuing legal education

    Leading from Behind in Continuing Legal Education

    I recently attended my first Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA) conference right here in Chicago.   A recurring theme I heard was how to enhance legal education to change the hearts and minds of lawyers who view CLE as a time suck. If my two decades of teaching and facilitating has taught me anything, it’s that ...
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  • lawyer reviews

    Can Lawyers Ethically Solicit Online Client Reviews?

    Today’s attorneys have discovered the importance of online lawyer reviews. While one bad review has the potential to cripple a firm, a few good reviews can provide a ton of marketing power. Timely, effective management of your online reviews can be a strong tool for generating leads. Online platforms are putting your firm’s profile as th...
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  • regulatory sandboxes

    Regulatory Sandboxes for the Legal Industry

    Change doesn’t come rapidly in law. That’s a good thing. The rule of law is predicated on predictability and consistency with precedent. However, if the rapid pace of changes in technology and globalization leave law behind and out of the equation, that’s a problem. Here’s where the idea of regulatory sandboxes may help. What’s a regulat...
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  • copyright law

    Who Owns The Law? 3 Things to Know About the Pending Copyright Law Case

    “Only one thing is impossible for God: to find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.” - Mark Twain, The Complete Works of Mark Twain: Mark Twain's Notebook 381 (Albert Bigelow Paine ed., 1935). Samuel Clemens’s documented frustration notwithstanding, the highest Court in the land will soon weigh in on a unique aspect of copyright l...
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better bar exam

New IAALS Effort Aims to Build a Better Bar Exam

In the U.S., the bar exam has determined the fate of eager would-be lawyers since 1738. The exam is aimed at sorting out those who have the skills to practice law from those who don’t. However, state regulators haven’t agreed on a definition of the minimum competence needed to practice law. This begs the question, “Does the bar exam accura...
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Justice Entrepreneurs Project

Justice Entrepreneurs Project Seeks Applicants for 2019 Class

Are you a lawyer early in your career who’s passionate about addressing access to justice issues in Chicago? If so, consider applying for the Chicago Bar Foundation’s Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP). The JEP is a small business incubator that helps newer lawyers start “innovative, socially conscious law practices serving low and middle...
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professionalism orientation

Illinois Law Students to Participate in Annual Professionalism Orientation

Each year, Illinois law schools welcome hundreds of new students to the legal profession. The Commission on Professionalism is privileged to once again facilitate a professionalism orientation for incoming students at each of Illinois's nine law schools. The professionalism orientation is designed to introduce first-year law students to the core...
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