• four agreements

    The Four Agreements for a Healthier Legal Profession

    Who out there knows that lawyers and wellness go together? Don’t all raise your hands at once. Okay, I agree. Peanut butter and jelly have nothing to fear. However, I am here to tell you that we are on the…
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  • civility in America

    Civility in America – It Matters

    It’s been a year since President Trump was elected. As expected, as an outsider to politics, he is not conducting business as usual. And his style? Decidedly “unpresidential” some would say. Others would say downright uncivil. As Executive Director of…
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  • status-quo-bias-technology

    Cling to the Status Quo and Technology Will Leave You Behind

    Our company provides business consultation and other services to law firms. A client called as he was frustrated that his email wasn’t syncing up to his phone properly. This was an ongoing issue and, despite the IT guy’s proposed solutions,…
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  • illinois pro bono service recap

    Reflecting on the Importance of Pro Bono Service

    At the Commission on Professionalism, we are charged to connect lawyers and inspire change. Each October, Illinois lawyers reflect on the importance of pro bono service. In fact, many attorneys across the country deliberately set time aside to give back to those…
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implicit bias illinois courts

Committee on Equality Uncovers Implicit Bias in Illinois Courts

As humans, we all fall victim to implicit bias. Our life experiences affect our beliefs, and those beliefs often play into our decision-making, whether we are aware of them or not.   Unfortunately, these unconscious biases can become increasingly problematic, especially when they begin to dictate our deliberate choices and reasonings. Luckily though, implicit bias does not have…
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state bar CA split

The State Bar of California Finalizes Plan for Split

It’s official. The State Bar of California is splitting. Last May, the Commission reported early rumors of the split, but this October, California Governor Jerry Brown made it official when he signed SB 36 – “the state bar act” –…
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limited scope chicago bar

CBA Launches Limited Scope Referral Program for SRLs

The dawn of the internet era has transformed the do-it-yourself mentality. DIY is no longer just a possibility. It’s the reality. Consumers are gleaning insights from their smart devices, tackling all of their problems before turning to “subject-matter experts” for answers.  Even…
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