• feedback loop social media

    Can We Avoid the Feedback Loop of Social Media?

    A few recent news items involving Facebook got me thinking about the effects of social media on professionalism. Perhaps some of these problems are related to social-validation or dopamine-driven “feedback loops.” Social Media Exploits Weakness in Human Psyche Last month,…
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  • gratitude

    Don’t Underestimate the Power of Gratitude

    A simple thank you can have a big impact. I saw this firsthand at the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism recently. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the Commission sent a short gratitude e-newsletter to the lawyers on its mailing list…
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  • code of judicial conduct

    Lawyers, Judges and Social Media: Can We Just Be (Online) Friends?

    An ethical conundrum exists for the bench and bar connecting through social media, let alone communicating on those platforms. Yet, these waters are still just as muddy as the various states’ opinions across the nation. Many judges have made the…
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  • sexual harassment

    Sexual Harassment Reflections from a Judge

    With all of the sexual harassment allegations flying around the state and the nation, and with the continued drumroll of the #MeToo movement, I recently paused to reflect and celebrate. #MeToo Reflections My reflections took me back to my young…
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jmlsuic public law school merger

Chicago’s First Public Law School? UIC and John Marshall Talk Merger

Chicago is a hub for law schools. The city houses six of the state’s nine programs, all of which are private institutions. However, in the next few years, this may change — Chicago may have its first public law school….
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half-us jurisdictions-ube

More Than Half of US Jurisdictions Have Adopted the UBE

Over the last two years, I have reported countless instances of US jurisdictions adopting the uniform bar exam (UBE). In fact, the last tally I took on behalf of the Commission in 2016 was 24 out of all 56 US jurisdictions.  Today, that number is 30 – meaning more…
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free wellness CLE Commission LAP

Commission on Professionalism and LAP Team Up For Wellness CLE

Each month, Hon. Lynn Egan of the Circuit Court in Cook County hosts a free lunchtime seminar for all Illinois lawyers. Every monthly CLE program spotlights a different subject-matter or issue impacting the profession.   As the holidays are approaching, stress levels rocket — in and…
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