• legal profession

    Forward Looking Legal Profession: Reality or Oxymoron?

    “The future may be unknowable, but it’s not unthinkable.” That line from the introduction to Bruce MacEwen’s book Tomorrowland: Scenarios for law firms beyond the horizon really stuck with me. As lawyers, we should think about what is coming around…
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  • lawyers with disabilities

    5 Things to Know About Lawyers With Disabilities

    Quick. Think of diversity in the legal profession. What comes to your mind? Women, racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ people might be your immediate thoughts. You might think of diversity discussions that you’ve had at your law firm, or…
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  • unauthorized practice of law

    Law Grads: You Need to Know About the Unauthorized Practice of Law

    If you took the bar exam in July, can you say you’re a new lawyer? Not yet. We’re in that limbo time of the year in which law students have taken the bar exam (and presumably have passed the character…
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  • legal news sources

    20 Legal News Sources for Illinois Lawyers

    Last month, I focused this blog on the great online tool Google Alerts and how it offers a variety of ways to keep tabs on your business, your clients, and yourself. It is all about working smarter, not harder. Okay,…
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youth mental illness casa

CASA Annual Conference Advocates for Youth Mental Illness

Health and wellness isn’t just an issue tied to the legal profession. It’s also a rising epidemic impacting children across the country. That’s why CASA, the Court Appointed Special Advocates of Kane County, a nonprofit volunteer organization that advocates for children in the juvenile court system, is hosting its annual fall…
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ardc diversity cle requirement

ARDC Offers Diversity Course Fulfilling New IL CLE Requirement

This July, Illinois made changes to its professional responsibility CLE requirement. From here on out, Illinois attorneys must take one hour of diversity and inclusion CLE and one hour of mental health and substance abuse CLE as part of the six hours of…
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law school employment accreditation standard

Should Employment Be Considered in Law School Accreditation?

You’ve seen the headlines in your news-feed. “Bar passage rates are dropping.” “Law graduate employment is down, while law school debt continues to climb.” There is a crisis in legal education, and one member of the ABA Council of the Section of Legal Education believes he has a…
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