• Time

    The Time Is Now

    Most things in the world are not equal for everyone. The amount of time in a day is an exception. We all get 24 hours each day. How do you regularly spend this time and are you spending it the…
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  • lawyer well-being

    New Year’s Resolution for Lawyer Well-Being

    Happy New Year! The winter months bring warm holidays full of fun with family and friends.  But for many, they also come with increased stress, depression, financial worries, and anxiety about the future. While many are reveling, some of us…
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  • civil communication fight noise

    Fight Through The Noise Using Civil Communication

    Communication is crucial to a lawyer’s success. Whether you are engaging with a client, colleague, or the judiciary, it is imperative that your message is clear. However, as we are exposed to new forms of technology, we continue to complicate the traditional model of communication.  …
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  • positive lawyer

    Dear Lawyers: Have a Positive and Happy New Year

    Last December as I said goodbye to my family in the Caribbean, we decided to rename our family chat messaging group. We cycled through several and finally settled on this one: 2017 Will Be A Great Year. Why? Because no…
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dapp direct job fair

DAPP Job Fair Opens Doors for Women of Color Law Students

The percentage of women of color lawyers in law firms continues to be a significant area of concern for our profession. The numbers for Black and Latina women lawyers are especially stark, comprising less than 5% of law firm associates and less…
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e-filing exemption srls

Illinois Supreme Court Makes E-Filing Exemption for SRLs

It’s official. The Illinois Supreme Court announced major changes to the mandatory e-filing requirement set for the start of 2018. Last week, the Court amended Rule 9(c)(4), allowing an e-filing exemption for certain self-represented litigants (SRLs).  According to the newly-amended rule, first-time court goers can opt out of filing…
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jmlsuic public law school merger

Chicago’s First Public Law School? UIC and John Marshall Talk Merger

Chicago is a hub for law schools. The city houses six of the state’s nine programs, all of which are private institutions. However, in the next few years, this may change — Chicago may have its first public law school….
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