2Civility is the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism’s communication channel. “2” because we are fostering transformation. “Civility” because it’s the moral code that binds us together as a society, and as the legal profession, encouraging a productive exchange of perspectives and rejecting disrespect for individuals or classes of people. Our work is about advancing the highest standards of conduct among lawyers to better serve clients and society.

We are charged by Supreme Court Rule 799 to promote among both lawyers and judges in Illinois greater integrity, professionalism and civility; to foster commitment to the elimination of bias and divisiveness within the legal and judicial systems; and to ensure those systems provide equitable, efficient and effective service to the citizens of Illinois.

The Supreme Court stated our duties in Rule 799(c), including:

  • Promoting an awareness of professionalism, including by generating, gathering and maintaining professionalism resources
  • Monitoring, approving and assisting with professional responsibility CLE
  • Collaborating with law schools on professionalism programs
  • Facilitating cooperation among practitioners, bar associations, law schools, courts, civic and lay organizations on matters of professionalism, ethics, and public understanding of the legal system

Connecting lawyers to one another and to the core values of our profession is increasingly important amidst the rapid changes of the 21st century. In the process, we are seeing, thinking, and acting in ways that provide a greater sense of purpose and reward in the profession as we make the world a better place.

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