The Commissioners of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism consists of law school faculty, judges, lawyers, and non-lawyers appointed to volunteer service by the Illinois Supreme Court. Commissioners serve terms of three years. Meet our Commissioners.

Illinois Supreme Court Liaison
Justice Mary Jane Theis


Hon. Jorge Alonso
James DeAno, Vice-Chair
Cynthia Fountaine
Erika Harold
Jennifer Johnson
John Kim
John Kujawski
William Moran III
Lance Northcutt
John O’Reilly
Trisha Rich
Hon. Diane Shelley
Martin SinclairChair
Hon. Debra Walker
Hon. Alicia Washington

Ex Officio
Jerry Larkin
Karen Litscher Johnson

Former Commissioners

Bruce Boyer 2005-2006
Michael Coffield 2005-2007
Hon. Sharon Coleman 2015-2016
John Corkery 2006-2017
Hon. Kathryn Creswell 2006-2016
Jane DiRenzo Pigott 2007-2016
C. Kristina Gunsalus 2005-2012
Jeanette Hunter 2005-2009
Jeffrey Jackson 2016-2018
Robert Johnston 2005-2006
Hon. Michael McCuskey (Commissioner 2005-2014, Advisor to the Commission 2015-2020)
Gordon Nash 2005-2014 (Chair 2009-2012)
Leslie Richards-Yellen (2014-2016)
David Rolewick 2005-2010 (Chair 2005-2008)
Vanessa Romeo 2009-2018
Gwendolyn Rowan 2005-2013
Hon. Stephen Spomer 2005-2014
Lawrence Templer 2006-2015
Hon. Richard Tognarelli 2006-2015 (Vice-Chair 2013-2015)
Vincent Vitullo 2006-2015
Edward Walsh 2010-2017 (Vice-Chair 2015-2017)
Sonni Williams 2006-2016


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