The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Well-Being

The term “lawyer well-being” has gone mainstream in conversations on mental health in the profession. But what does lawyer well-being mean? What are the benefits? How can lawyers achieve a state of well-being?

The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Well-Being introduces attorneys to the topic while addressing the confusion around what “well-being” really means. During the course, attorneys will learn how the high-stress legal profession can impact their mental and physical health, as well as some simple strategies to help manage their well-being.

Calm female executive meditating taking break avoiding stressful job

The 30-minute, interactive eLearning will help attorneys:

  • Understand the extent of the well-being crisis in the legal profession
  • Identify potential symptoms of stress
  • Learn strategies to help maintain their well-being

Before launching the course, be sure to read the agenda. We’d also encourage participants to review the following course material, which is also available in eLearning’s resources tab:

Once you’ve taken The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Well-Being, consider expanding your understanding with The Resilient Lawyer CLE.

Before Launching the Course

  1. To receive CLE credit, complete the CLE Feedback & Attestation Survey at the end of the course. You will automatically be prompted to take the survey upon finishing the course.
    You must list your correct ARDC number in the survey. Please take a moment to locate it. You will not receive CLE credit if you do not complete the survey or use an incorrect ARDC number.
  2. For the most reliable experience, launch this course in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Course software is not supported by Internet Explorer.
Approved for 0.5 hours of mental health and substance abuse CLE credit in Illinois.


The Commission on Professionalism would like to thank Dr. Diana Uchiyama and Tony Pacione of the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program for their contributions to The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Well-Being.