law student mental health graphicday

Law Schools Confront Student Mental Health

Law school ranks high among the most stressful times in a lawyer’s career. Students must navigate intense competition, high expectations, and incessant deadlines on top of the stressors of everyday life. It’s no wonder that law students are nearly four…
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reimagining law

Reimagining Law and Life

Let’s face it, it’s hard to accept the reality of the world today. This may be why we are focusing on reimagining how things could be better. For me, taking an honest look at the cracks in society’s systems has…
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goals for lawyers in 2020

Three Goals for Lawyers in 2020

Happy 2020! A new year and a new decade have arrived. Have you set any resolutions for the year ahead? If so, I have some bad news. Eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. However, all hope isn’t…
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mental health survey

Take Part in’s Mental Health Survey

As part of its yearlong Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession initiative, has partnered with ALM Intelligence to gather information on mental health and substance abuse among lawyers and legal professionals. Multiple studies…
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Legal Acts of Kindness

Let’s Talk About Legal Acts of Kindness

To my fellow attorneys, a “legal acts of kindness” pep talk is long overdue. Just like Kid President’s famous pep talk, attorneys also need to find ways to make the world more awesome. And, since we celebrated World Kindness Day…
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Pledge to Make Changes This Year

It’s not too late to make changes. Yes, January 1 has come and gone, but changes need to be made all year. It doesn’t matter if you make resolutions at the end of January or in August. The key is…
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lap annual training event

LAP Hosts Annual Training in Carbondale and Chicago

The legal profession has struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues for years. Annually, lawyers continue to top the lists of professions with the lowest quality of life when considering overall well-being. And for many lawyers and legal organizations,…
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west virginia wellness task force

West Virginia Forms Task Force on Lawyer Wellness

2018 is the year for wellness in the legal profession. Following the release of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being’s Report published last fall, lawyers are making strides to improve the health and wellness of lawyers in the United States.   Starting with the law…
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