Serving Yourself Better Serves the Legal Profession

serving yourself lawyer wellnessFor many of us, the holidays are a time of rest and renewal. For others, a time of professional or personal stress. All of us should take the time to remind ourselves that serving our well-being should remain of highest priority. 

Earlier this year, the ABA’s National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being released a number of health and wellness recommendations for the profession after reports frequently indicated lawyers were not adequately serving themselves. For example, the report found that between 21 and 36 percent of attorneys qualify as problem drinkers. In addition to substance abuse, 19 to 28 percent of lawyers deal with some degree of depression, anxiety, and stress. We need to do better as a profession. 

Through our weekly blog posts, news items, monthly e-newsletter, and our educational programming, the Commission pledges to provide the legal community with more insight into health and wellness tips for organizations and individuals, showcase how legal professionals can incorporate mindfulness exercises into their daily routines, promote upcoming service opportunities for lawyers, and remind practicing attorneys of the core values that make the law more than just a career, but a profession. 

With the health and wellness of our profession at stake, we all must take a moment to breathe. As you take the time to pause, look at some of the wellness and service-minded resources we provided last month, and a few pieces that challenged our team to think differently: 

Health and Wellness Require Serving Yourself 

Content That Inspires Change 

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