Reflecting on the Importance of Pro Bono Service

At the Commission on Professionalism, we are charged to connect lawyers and inspire change. Each October, Illinois lawyers reflect on the importance of pro bono service. In fact, many attorneys across the country deliberately set time aside to give back to those in need. Take this Illinois lawyer for example who recently answered the call to serve. 

Pro bono reply

Through our weekly blog postsnews itemsmonthly e-newsletter, and even our educational programming – we provide the legal community with insight into the access to justice gap, promote upcoming pro bono opportunities for attorneys, and remind practicing lawyers of the core values that make the law more than just a career – but a profession.  

As a leading source of information for lawyers in and outside of Illinois, we keep attorneys abreast of change. Daily, we try to challenge them to think with a new mindset, remaining open to different perspectives. 

Here’s a look at some of the pro bono specific resources we provided last month, and a few pieces that challenged our team to think differently: 

Illinois Attorneys Answer the Call to Serve: 

Content That Inspires Change: 

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