judge diane shelley commissioner spotlight

Commissioner Spotlight: Judge Diane Shelley

I’m from the South side of Chicago in Bronzeville, and I take great pride in that. I’m a city girl, and I think that it shaped me into the person that I am today.   Where I grew up, everyone in my neighborhood knew one another. When someone was sick,…
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west virginia wellness task force

West Virginia Forms Task Force on Lawyer Wellness

2018 is the year for wellness in the legal profession. Following the release of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being’s Report published last fall, lawyers are making strides to improve the health and wellness of lawyers in the United States.   Starting with the law…
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trisha rich spotlight

Commissioner Spotlight: Trisha Rich

I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer. Since I was a small child, I had always been interested in ideas of justice, distribution, and the way we treat each other. That’s what led me to study philosophy, and in turn,…
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2018 gambrell professionalism awards

Nominations Open – 2018 Gambrell Professionalism Awards

At the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, we are charged to promote greater integrity, professionalism, and civility among all Illinois lawyers and judges. Over the years, we have found that we aren’t the only ones in the profession looking to make…
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illinois task force on wellness

LAP Forms Illinois Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being

For years, the legal profession has struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues. Year after year, lawyers top the lists of professions with the worst quality of life when considering their overall well-being. In the wake of studies like…
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twitter chat law school

Upcoming Twitter Chat Discusses Law School Wellness

Wellness has been a hot topic in the legal profession over the last two years. Last summer, several legal organizations came together to form a National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being. The task force compiled a report with its top five recommendations for legal…
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aba abf focus group study

Focus Group Uncovers Why Women Leave the Law

Today is International Women’s Day, a globally-recognized day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.  It’s no secret that women and minorities are not equally represented in…
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oral arguments champaign

Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Champaign

Road trip! The justices of the Illinois Supreme Court are travelling to Urbana for business. In an effort to increase transparency in our court system, the Illinois Supreme Court Justices will do their jobs outside of their typical courtroom setting….
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march public hearing illinois

Supreme Court Rules Committee To Hold Public Hearing in March

Earlier this month, the Illinois Supreme Court Rule Committee announced it will hold a public hearing this March to present eight different proposals that will make significant changes to our state’s Supreme Court Rules.   Proposals offer to create and amend rules surrounding consumer…
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judge jorge alonso

Commissioner Spotlight: Hon. Jorge Alonso

I wasn’t one of those kids who always knew they wanted to get into the legal profession. I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to be a lawyer. In fact, I don’t remember the exact moment when it happened, but…
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