judge jorge alonso

Commissioner Spotlight: Hon. Jorge Alonso

I wasn’t one of those kids who always knew they wanted to get into the legal profession. I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to be a lawyer. In fact, I don’t remember the exact moment when it happened, but…
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lawyer advertising rules public comment

ABA Lawyer Advertising Rules Open for Public Comment

Since 2015, various individuals and organizations have been working to streamline the lawyer advertising rules. However, significant process has not been made.  The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct govern how lawyers are permitted to market their services to clients, dictating the do’s and don’ts of how…
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law school social media campaign

Can A Law School Social Media Campaign Boost Enrollment?

As more and more lawyers are embracing social media, so are the law schools. This month, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) and Association of American Law Schools announced a joint effort to create a social media campaign to attract more qualified law school applicants much sooner in their academic…
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commissioner judge debra walker spotlight

Commissioner Spotlight: Judge Debra Walker

I had an early interest in the law from my childhood. It was wholly inspired by reading. I remember reading Nancy Drew novels. Her father was a lawyer. Having read every one of those mystery novels cover-to-cover, I was exposed to what a lawyer’s…
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e-filing exemption srls

Illinois Supreme Court Makes E-Filing Exemption for SRLs

It’s official. The Illinois Supreme Court announced major changes to the mandatory e-filing requirement set for the start of 2018. Last week, the Court amended Rule 9(c)(4), allowing an e-filing exemption for certain self-represented litigants (SRLs).  According to the newly-amended rule, first-time court goers can opt out of filing…
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half-us jurisdictions-ube

More Than Half of US Jurisdictions Have Adopted the UBE

Over the last two years, I have reported countless instances of US jurisdictions adopting the uniform bar exam (UBE). In fact, the last tally I took on behalf of the Commission in 2016 was 24 out of all 56 US jurisdictions.  Today, that number is 30 – meaning more…
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free wellness CLE Commission LAP

Commission on Professionalism and LAP Team Up For Wellness CLE

Each month, Hon. Lynn Egan of the Circuit Court in Cook County hosts a free lunchtime seminar for all Illinois lawyers. Every monthly CLE program spotlights a different subject-matter or issue impacting the profession.   As the holidays are approaching, stress levels rocket — in and…
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implicit bias illinois courts

Committee on Equality Uncovers Implicit Bias in Illinois Courts

As humans, we all fall victim to implicit bias. Our life experiences affect our beliefs, and those beliefs often play into our decision-making, whether we are aware of them or not.   Unfortunately, these unconscious biases can become increasingly problematic, especially when they begin to dictate our deliberate choices and reasonings. Luckily though, implicit bias does not have…
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state bar CA split

The State Bar of California Finalizes Plan for Split

It’s official. The State Bar of California is splitting. Last May, the Commission reported early rumors of the split, but this October, California Governor Jerry Brown made it official when he signed SB 36 – “the state bar act” –…
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limited scope chicago bar

CBA Launches Limited Scope Referral Program for SRLs

The dawn of the internet era has transformed the do-it-yourself mentality. DIY is no longer just a possibility. It’s the reality. Consumers are gleaning insights from their smart devices, tackling all of their problems before turning to “subject-matter experts” for answers.  Even…
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