Don’t Underestimate the Power of Gratitude

A simple thank you can have a big impact. I saw this firsthand at the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism recently. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the Commission sent a short gratitude e-newsletter to the lawyers on its mailing list…
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sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Reflections from a Judge

With all of the sexual harassment allegations flying around the state and the nation, and with the continued drumroll of the #MeToo movement, I recently paused to reflect and celebrate. #MeToo Reflections My reflections took me back to my young…
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serving yourself lawyer wellness

Serving Yourself Better Serves the Legal Profession

For many of us, the holidays are a time of rest and renewal. For others, a time of professional or personal stress. All of us should take the time to remind ourselves that serving our well-being should remain of highest priority.  Earlier this year,…
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civility in America

Civility in America – It Matters

It’s been a year since President Trump was elected. As expected, as an outsider to politics, he is not conducting business as usual. And his style? Decidedly “unpresidential” some would say. Others would say downright uncivil. As Executive Director of…
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illinois pro bono service recap

Reflecting on the Importance of Pro Bono Service

At the Commission on Professionalism, we are charged to connect lawyers and inspire change. Each October, Illinois lawyers reflect on the importance of pro bono service. In fact, many attorneys across the country deliberately set time aside to give back to those…
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pro bono

Our Responsibility to Pro Bono and Where It All Fits

There is a recent movement in charitable giving known as “effective altruism” which strives to maximize the good from donations of one’s time, skills (e.g. pro bono work), and, particularly, money. In other words, it is “combining the head and…
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lawyers speak up

What Happens When Lawyers Speak Up

A recent Chicago Tribune op-ed exhorting corporate leaders to speak up got me thinking.  It was by Ravin Gandhi, the CEO of GMM Non-stick Coatings, a company that produces non-stick cookware.  He talked about writing an op-ed critical of President…
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