online dispute resolution

Online Dispute Resolution

Have you ever ordered something online and had a problem with the purchase?  A dispute about the quality, charge, etc. Did it get resolved online or did you file a complaint in a court? More than likely, you exchanged documentation…
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Does the Constitution Protect All Americans?

This weekend, an appointed committee of ABA members will meet to vote on the Silver Gavel Awards. We’ve written about them here before. The “Oscars of the legal profession,” the Silver Gavel Awards recognize the best work in media and the…
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RSS feed

Streamline Online Content With RSS

In this day and age, we must be increasingly selective about what and how we read. As the internet grows, so does the options for news and information delivery to our monitors, tablets, and phones. Such technological advances have forced…
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alternative fee arrangements

Embrace Alternative Fee Arrangements; Kill the Billable Hour

The billable hour undermines professionalism. It incentivizes lawyer inefficiencies and undermines client confidence. Alternative fee arrangements align the incentives of lawyers and clients and should become the norm. Despite Reports, the Billable Hour is Not Dead When I started practicing,…
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Sure, Your Clients Want Value, But How?

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” ~Warren Buffet quoting Benjamin Graham (2008 Annual Report of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.)   If you were to ask seasoned lawyers to describe their job to a classroom of students, you…
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Alternative Business Structures Hidden Figures

The Disruption of Alternative Business Structures

It used to be that any services provided by a lawyer were legal services and only a lawyer could provide those services.  Not anymore.  Alternative legal service providers are everywhere. And in some jurisdictions of the world, professionals in addition…
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Two-Factor Authentication

How to Use Two-Factor Authentication

As we enjoy all the conveniences of the online world to make communication and access to information as easy as the literal push of a button, so comes the dramatic rise in digital crime and internet fraud. Just as you…
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cle requirement

What You Need to Know About the New Illinois CLE Requirement

For the past decade, the Illinois Supreme Court has encouraged attorneys to take diversity CLE courses and mental health and substance abuse CLE courses and activities to fulfill part of their professional responsibility requirement. Over that decade, the percentages of…
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Good Sportsmanship

Civility Is Good Sportsmanship

Sports separates “winners” from “losers.” And there is also the old adage that it isn’t whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.  In other words, good sportsmanship counts—and unsportsmanlike conduct can get you thrown out of…
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