attorney regulation

A Sharpened Call for Attorney Regulatory Reform

Last week I provided a roundup of actions by task forces across the U.S. that are exploring reforms to the regulation of legal services. This week I look at the issue of modernizing attorney regulations through the prism of historic…
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attorney regulatory reform

Attorney Regulatory Reform: Where Do We Stand?

The legal profession is under pressure. A growing number of Americans who experience legal problems receive no or inadequate legal help. Increasingly, people are representing themselves in court rather than engaging a lawyer. At the same time, lawyers, especially those…
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reimagining law

Reimagining Law and Life

Let’s face it, it’s hard to accept the reality of the world today. This may be why we are focusing on reimagining how things could be better. For me, taking an honest look at the cracks in society’s systems has…
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women of color attorneys

Why Women of Color Are Walking Away from Law

Not much has changed for women of color attorneys at law firms over the past 14 years, according to a study released last month by the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Commission on Women in the Profession. Despite the legal profession’s…
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active learning

Size Matters: Shifting Small Groups to Active Learning

As Education Manager at the Commission on Professionalism, I have the opportunity to attend a lot of CLEs. Surveying these courses is integral to our mission of fostering high-quality professional responsibility education for lawyers in Illinois and beyond. While the…
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Bostock and Illinois’ LGBTQ+ Community

In a year that is not half complete and already full of unimaginable heartbreaks and disappointments, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered an opinion that is a cause for celebration. Fittingly handed down during Pride Month, as we recognize the 1969…
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lgbtq+ illinois

Celebrating Illinois’ LGBTQ+ History

This week, five years after the U.S. Supreme Court declared marriage a fundamental right for same-sex couples, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal anti-bias law covers LGBTQ+ workers. This landmark decision comes during Pride Month 2020, as the Illinois…
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Lawyers Must Build Trust in the Justice System

Lawyers Must Build Trust in the Justice System

To say we are experiencing challenging times is an understatement. Yet, there is also momentum brewing to change the status quo. Within that, lawyers must work to build the public’s trust in the justice system. The time to act is…
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online learning

Embracing the New Frontier of Online Learning

Imagine you’ve been asked to dip your toe into online learning by delivering a CLE course virtually. Congratulations, you will soon be a vILT (virtual instructor-led training) instructor. Sure, you’re excited about the opportunity, but with all the other work…
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bar exam

Will the Bar Exam Survive the Coronavirus?

The bar exam is a rite of passage for lawyers. It is a proctored, in-person examination administered across all U.S. jurisdictions on the same two days each February and July. This year, the February exam took place as planned. But…
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virtual mentoring

5 Virtual Mentoring Tips to Stay Engaged

For most Illinois attorneys, day-to-day work patterns have been upended since the coronavirus pandemic hit. In fact, our entire workforce has been challenged to find new avenues for delivering their goods and services. As the “how” is redefined along the…
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