Innovation is More than Having an App

In the last of our conference preview blogs, I highlight two of our speakers who will expand our thinking about the meaning of innovation. When we talk about innovations in law, many of us go right to technology.  The advice…
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How to Close the Access to Justice Gap?

Do most people in this country believe the words of the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance?  Does our republic truly stand for “liberty and justice for all”? The gap between the words of our Pledge of Allegiance and the experience of…
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future law legal profession path

The Path Forward Begins with Engagement

Who gets the benefit of the doubt?  Too often it has been those who look or act like those in power.  This is an unproductive paradigm that we cannot afford to hold up in the legal profession any longer. The…
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seek answers

Seek Answers in an Ever-Changing Profession

The advancement of legal technology and artificial intelligence is changing the nature of our work. And the pace of this technological progress is not slowing down. It’s merely the beginning of a technological revolution.   As our world is changing, lawyers are adapting. They are forming task forces, launching start-ups, developing apps, and participating…
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leaving law firm

6 Things to Consider When Leaving Your Law Firm

If we’re going to do this, let’s do it right! Whether it is washing your car or making a big career move, planning and preparation are essential to execution. As attorneys, we serve as officers of the court and members…
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Why a Growth Mindset Matters for the Oscars and the Law

There’s an interesting controversy that you may have missed on Sunday’s Oscars. It has to do with streaming v. theater releases. On one side is a very deep-pocketed Netflix that continues churning out streaming movie after streaming movie, spending billions…
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email tracking

Secret Email Tracking Is Unethical, Says ISBA Opinion

As all Illinois lawyers are now required to use email, or at least accept email correspondence and service in filed cases, the legal profession continues to push forward with technological advancements and, frankly, with legal competency related to technology. But…
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