future law

Interest in Future Law Grows: The Future Is Now 2.018

Our future law conference is back! Every year, interest in future law topics grows. The number of legal tech start-ups continues to increase. Developments in technology enable more efficient work. And we are not just talking about speeding up the…
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First Generation Lawyers

First Generation Lawyers: The Next Diversity Frontier

Have you heard of “first generation lawyers”? If you work in diversity and inclusion, the idea of first generation lawyers might be familiar to you. But for many lawyers and legal professionals, “first generation” is a new term with which…
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Lawyer Advertising Rules

Lawyer Advertising Rules: Overhaul Needed

The Model Rules related to lawyer advertising desperately need to be revised.  This was the universal opinion expressed at a public forum at last week’s American Bar Association meeting.  A recurrent theme expressed by the over a dozen speakers was…
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The Time Is Now

Most things in the world are not equal for everyone. The amount of time in a day is an exception. We all get 24 hours each day. How do you regularly spend this time and are you spending it the…
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lawyer well-being

New Year’s Resolution for Lawyer Well-Being

Happy New Year! The winter months bring warm holidays full of fun with family and friends.  But for many, they also come with increased stress, depression, financial worries, and anxiety about the future. While many are reveling, some of us…
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civil communication fight noise

Fight Through The Noise Using Civil Communication

Communication is crucial to a lawyer’s success. Whether you are engaging with a client, colleague, or the judiciary, it is imperative that your message is clear. However, as we are exposed to new forms of technology, we continue to complicate the traditional model of communication.  …
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feedback loop social media

Can We Avoid the Feedback Loop of Social Media?

A few recent news items involving Facebook got me thinking about the effects of social media on professionalism. Perhaps some of these problems are related to social-validation or dopamine-driven “feedback loops.” Social Media Exploits Weakness in Human Psyche Last month,…
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