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The Future Is Now – It’s Time To Be The Answer

be the answerThis May, nearly 400 legal professionals attended the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism’s The Future Is Now: Legal Services 2.018 Conference. This year’s speakers addressed a wide array of topics including diversity and inclusion, legal technology, data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and access to justice.

Though each speaker addressed varying problems in the legal profession, all had one thing in common. As Toussaint Romain put it, each of the speakers was the answer. They saw a problem and tackled it head on to find a solution.

As a profession, lawyers are called to lead. Regardless of your practice area or job title, lawyers have an obligation to serve, and through service be an answer to a legal problem, our clients, and the public at large.

Below, we’ve shared a few examples of lawyers leading the charge. Inspiring, right? Now it’s your turn. Get out there, and the be answer.

Lawyers Are The Answer

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