LAP Hosts Annual Training in Carbondale and Chicago

lap annual training eventThe legal profession has struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues for years. Annually, lawyers continue to top the lists of professions with the lowest quality of life when considering overall well-being. And for many lawyers and legal organizations, enough is enough.

2018 is the year for wellness in the legal profession. As we’ve shared the results of the Hazelden Foundation Study several times over the last few months, lawyers are taking steps to create change. Several task forces have been developed as a result, including one in Illinois.

But it doesn’t stop there. Illinois lawyers have yet another opportunity to increase the awareness of the issue plaguing the legal profession.

This June, Illinois LAP is hosting its annual training event in both Chicago and Carbondale. The annual training is on June 22nd from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Lawyers in attendance will learn how to recognize and address mental health and substance abuse issues amongst our colleagues and loved ones, and work to end the negative stigma attached to seeking help.

Those attending the annual training will earn up to six MCLE Professionalism/Ethics credits including the all the Illinois required mental health & substance abuse CLE credits.

The Chicago annual training will take place at Loyola School of Law in the Power, Rogers & Smith Ceremonial Courtroom (1040); the Southern Illinois University Law School will host the program in Carbondale in its Lesar Law Building.

Registration is currently open to attend the annual training. Tickets are $35 and include both breakfast and lunch. Attendees will also receive a $35 voucher for any IICLE program, to be used by December 31st.

We hope you consider attending this year’s Annual Training. All questions and concerns should be addressed to Shelley Sandoval, LAP’s Legal Community Liaison.

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