Continuing the Conversation: The Future Is Now

future law eventThe Future Is Now, as we at the Commission talked about in our 2.016 conference last week. With over 300 attendees and a full plate of dynamic speakers, our conference focused on how the profession has already changed, from LegalZoom to non-lawyer “lawyers,” and what more changes await us in the future.

If you left our conference wondering how to implement much of what you learned in your practice today, as in right now, get ready because the conversation continues this Friday at the Chicago Bar Association.

On Friday April 15, 2016, the CBA YLS Future of the Profession Task Force and the Chicago Bar Foundation will put on “The Future Is Now: Innovative Client-Centric Strategies for Building Your Practice Today.”

How will you retain clients in this brave new legal world? What compensation models await us in the future? Will unbundled legal services become the new normal?

This client-centric program will feature speakers from across North America who work on these issues in their daily lives. After each group of speakers, participants will engage in a town hall discussion to address the challenges of implementing future law ideals into today’s practice.

Task Force Chair Emily Roschek firmly believes that these are conversations that lawyers need to have:

Many attorneys get burned out and lose sight of what drew them to the law to begin with. This program dives into the fundamental element of being an attorney, the attorney-client relationship: from helping consumers identify legal needs and locate resources, to providing affordable and quality representation and referrals.

Catherine Sanders Reach, Director of Law Practice Management and Technology for the CBA, agrees.

Our focus will be to engage in a dialogue about what can be done to expand a law practice to serve a broader range of clients. We will discuss tactics to help attorneys add to their existing services such as limited scope representation and legal health checkups, explore different pricing and business entity structures, and examine how technologies can help lawyers be more efficient.

The program begins at 8:30am on Friday. Attendees will receive 6 hours of professional responsibility CLE credit. The program is free for CLE Advantage members, and $50 for CBA members.

The Future Is Now. What does that mean for the practicing lawyers of Illinois? Join the CBA this Friday to find out.

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Michelle Silverthorn

Michelle Silverthorn

After spending seventeen years living in the Caribbean, Michelle undertook a number of around-the-world detours before ending up at the doorstep of the Commission, including four years as a general litigator in New York and Chicago. She remembers pretty much everyone she’s met in her travels but she would especially like to meet again the passengers on a January 2001 flight from Miami to JFK. At the pilot’s request, they donated enough money for Michelle, who had her wallet stolen, to get back to college safely. She would very much like to tell them all thanks.
Michelle Silverthorn

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