Why a Growth Mindset Matters for the Oscars and the Law

There’s an interesting controversy that you may have missed on Sunday’s Oscars. It has to do with streaming v. theater releases. On one side is a very deep-pocketed Netflix that continues churning out streaming movie after streaming movie, spending billions…
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workplace millennials

The Shifting Attitudes of Workplace Millennials

Recently, we swore in a new class of lawyers in Illinois. Many of these new lawyers were Millennials — people born between 1980 and 2000 — who have had a tremendous effect on the legal workplace. A recent American Lawyer…
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future of diversity

What Does the Future of Diversity Hold for Law Firms?

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking at Legalweek 2018. The conference, sponsored by ALM, is a re-imagining of LegalTech, an industry conference that began in 1982. Its new incarnation, Legalweek, started in 2017 and now includes sub-conferences focused…
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First Generation Lawyers

First Generation Lawyers: The Next Diversity Frontier

Have you heard of “first generation lawyers”? If you work in diversity and inclusion, the idea of first generation lawyers might be familiar to you. But for many lawyers and legal professionals, “first generation” is a new term with which…
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innovating diversity

Innovating Diversity

From #MeToo to Hackathons – New Ideas for Programming By the year 2044, the United States will officially become a majority-minority nation. More than half of our population will belong to a minority group. By 2060, one in five Americans…
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Judge Williams

The Impossible Dream of Judge Williams

I remember the first time I met United States 7th Circuit Judge Ann Claire Williams. I was a third year law student interviewing for post-graduation clerkships. I traveled to Chicago from Ann Arbor to interview with her. I walked into…
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lawyers with disabilities

5 Things to Know About Lawyers With Disabilities

Quick. Think of diversity in the legal profession. What comes to your mind? Women, racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ people might be your immediate thoughts. You might think of diversity discussions that you’ve had at your law firm, or…
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law student wellness

Here’s the Secret to Law Student Wellness

I attend a lot of legal profession awards and I always see the same thing. No matter the occasion or award, no matter how extensive the professional accomplishments, every awardee ends his or her speech with the same thank you’s…
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