What Does the Future of Diversity Hold for Law Firms?

future of diversityLast month, I had the pleasure of speaking at Legalweek 2018. The conference, sponsored by ALM, is a re-imagining of LegalTech, an industry conference that began in 1982. Its new incarnation, Legalweek, started in 2017 and now includes sub-conferences focused on parts of the legal industry beyond technology. One of those conferences is Legal Diversity and Talent Management (LDTM).

LDTM featured speaker panels from various sectors — law firms, companies, startups, bar associations and government. Being surrounded by legal innovation and discussions of the future of our industry, it was inevitable that LDTM focused on the future of diversity in that industry as well.

Five Thoughts on Legal Diversity’s Future

How can law firms engage with that future? Here are five things I learned.

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