As New Attorneys Enter the Profession

Something to Think About

Soon to be our newest Illinois lawyers will trade their backpacks for briefcases at the upcoming November 9 admission ceremonies.  In their academic years, they have had many questions and strived to find the answers. They will have many more.

As for right now, they are in a transition point —from law student to law professional. Yet, their education and advancement will continue.

This time last year I watched more than 1,000 soon-to-be Illinois attorneys pour into the Arie Crown Theater along with their family and friends. Other lawyers did the same around the state, from Elgin to Carbondale. They left the venues as newly minted attorneys after taking an oath to the profession and to the responsibilities afforded to those in the legal profession.

A new chapter began for them, as it will for this next generation. As this new group of attorneys embark on their journeys, they must keep an elevated level of competence and professionalism to best serve themselves, their clients and the rule of law. And while that responsibility will be reaffirmed again by their oath, it started for many of them three years prior.

READ MORE Chicago Daily Law Bulletin  Volume 163 No. 204 October 19, 2017

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