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Upcoming Emerging Legal Workplace Issues Event in Chicago

legal workplace symposiumOur profession is changing. New generations are entering the legal workplace. With these new faces, come new ideas, practices, and professional norms. We’ve already written about the departure of the 9-5, the adoption of project management, and even the new hiring practices underway at many firms across the country. As these changes arise, lawyers, legal service providers, and the like must adapt to stay ahead of the curveballs being thrown their way.

Those in the Chicago area who work in employment law are now in luck. An upcoming program will help legal professionals understand the constantly changing area of employment law.

This month, the Office of the Attorney General in Illinois will host a free symposium that will touch on a number of employment law concerns: Emerging Issues in the Legal Workplace

The event will address current employment law issues for attorneys and their clients from the perspective of government regulators, employers, workers’ advocates, and academics. Presentations at this legal workplace symposium will include panel discussions in the following areas:

  • Non-Competition Agreements and Restrictive Covenants for Low-Wage Workers: Recent Trends and Policy Proposals
  • Non-Traditional Employment Relationships: Use of Staffing Agencies and Other Labor Market Intermediaries
  • On-Call Scheduling: Understanding the Impact of Just-in-Time and Flexible Scheduling Practices

Emerging Issues in the Legal Workplace is set for November 17th, 2016 from 2-5pm in Chicago. The free symposium will be held in the Bilandic Building – 160 N. LaSalle Street – on the fifth floor in Room C-500.

Those interested in attending must complete this registration form, and return to Eileen Baumstark-Pratt of the Office of the Illinois Attorney General via email or fax (312.814.8344).

For more information about the upcoming Legal Workplace symposium, please contact Eileen at 1-866-376-7215. We hope to see you there – you won’t want to miss out on this great event.

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