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This Dog Is Taking Over Legal Technology

legal technologyAs many of our readers know, we are hosting an innovative legal conference next week that will showcase a number of lawyers across the United States who deliver legal services in new and exciting ways. Many of our speakers, and even our attendees, have adopted new forms of legal technology and artificial intelligence to better serve their clients, but even the most keen may not be prepared for what’s to come.

The future of artificial intelligence in the legal profession may be in the hands of a dog.

Beagle, a Microsoft Ventures Accelerator project, is the newest form of artificial intelligence making its way into the market.

This new piece of legal technology speeds up the contract review process for lawyers and clients alike. Beagle quickly reads through contracts and can determine who the involved parties are, their responsibilities, their liabilities, and more in a matter of seconds providing a visual summary for a lawyer and his/her team. The tool even has a real-time collaboration portal so several of one’s colleagues can review the contract and edit accordingly at the same time in one central location.

However, what makes this piece of legal technology truly unique though is its ability to learn.

Using artificial intelligence, Beagle familiarizes itself with a user’s notes, edits, and tags made on each contract, so in time, it can denote what key pieces of information you and your team may value before you even review it. Crazy, right?

New forms of AI have made their way into the profession, and from the looks of it they aren’t going anywhere. So, the question is, will lawyers embrace it or stray from it? Let us know what you think.


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