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Dentons Backs Student-Made Legal Technology

legal technology robotsStudents at the University of Toronto developed a new form of legal technology that has heads turning in the legal profession. The prototype even caught the eye of law firm giant, Dentons, who just announced their investment in the project not too long ago.

Earlier this year, these University of Toronto students formulated an app called ROSS, which acts as an artificially intelligent attorney/robot that uses IBM’s Watson computer technology to more efficiently and effectively complete legal research and other daily grunt work of lower-level attorneys.

Those who developed this legal technology have dubbed it a smarter version of Siri for lawyers, in that it is capable of scouring millions of pages of legal documents in a matter of seconds to help speed up the research process for practicing lawyers.

According to the co-founder of ROSS Intelligence Inc., the startup that launched as a result of the prototype’s success, Andrew Arruda insists that ROSS is making headway.

It’s early days for sure, but what we are seeing is Ross grasping and understanding legal concepts and learning based on the questions and also getting user feedback. … Just like a human, it’s getting its experience in a law firm and being able to learn and get better.”

Denton plans to collaborate with ROSS Intelligence Inc. to make this innovation readily available for law firms across the globe in the not so distant future.

Would you use this piece of legal technology in your law firm? Let us know what you think.

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