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Technology Can Drive Law Firm Efficiency Without Being Complicated

Not unlike other industries, the legal profession has amassed countless tools of technology developed to better our product – the delivery of legal services. However, we remain very inefficient with our time, resources, and intellectual capital to meet that goal.

The 2017 Legal Trends Report from Clio reported that lawyers spend only 2.3 hours (29% of an 8-hour workday) on billable tasks. When factoring in realization and collection rates, firms only collect an average of 1.6 hours of billable time per day. Put another way, you’re getting paid for 20% of your workday.

Implementing technology may not be the answer, but it is an answer. We can disrupt our traditional mindsets, along with our traditional practices, to shift how and where we spend our hours, so we might work smarter, not harder. Then, we may get back to work. The kind of work we are hired to do by our clients – leading to better work product, more clients served, and more revenue for our efforts.

Put Automation to Work For You

Nicole BlackAt this year’s The Future is Now: Legal Services 2.018 conference, Nicole Black (@nikiblack), Legal Tech Evangelist for MyCase and frequent legal writer and commentator, hopes to turn us down a new path of thinking and practicing smarter when it comes to the delivery of legal services. She will show us how to bridge the gap of technology and efficiency by putting automations and workflows to work for you. And in a straightforward way.

Niki’s insights on the tools available today capable of automating your law firm’s processes are just the thing many solo and small firm practitioners are seeking out. The savvy lawyer knows that streamlining your firm’s functions saves you time and money while increasing the quality of legal services delivered to your clients. This is a talk that cannot be missed!

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Case Analysis with Data

Ed WaltersAlso taking the stage at this year’s conference is Ed Walters (@EJWalters), CEO of Fastcase and professor on the Law of Robots at Georgetown University Law Center and Cornell Tech. Ed will challenge us to make more data-driven decisions in the legal profession. As technology opens the door to far more data analytics applications, should lawyers be using them to better serve their clients? In fact, would our duty of competent representation require us to go beyond mere hunches to evaluate a client’s case or issue?

How can we steer a change in our mindset of giving legal advice that is build on a foundation of data? Why wait until the demand of our clients for qualitative and quantitative analysis from data final pushes us in line with other industries which recognize such value?

The Future is Now: Legal Services 2.018 conference is May 2, 2018 at VenueSIX10, 610 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago from 10 am to 4:45 pm with a reception to follow. The conference qualifies for five hours of professional responsibility CLE, including one half hour of diversity-inclusion CLE.

Please register before we reach capacity!

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