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Reimagining Law: We Want to Hear From You

Reimagining LawAs courts, law firms, and legal organizations across the country reopen, now is the time to reimagine what our new normal looks like.

In April, the Commission launched a Reimagining Law video series. Reimagining Law explores how legal and judicial professionals are adapting the delivery of services to meet the unique needs of today’s consumers.

Until now, our discussions have been conducted through Zoom interviews with industry experts. But we want to take it one step further.

The Commission is asking judges, lawyers, legal academics, law students, additional legal professionals, and members of the public to submit short videos that answer the question: As we reimagine the legal profession, what’s one change you hope to see moving forward?

Some ideas to spur inspiration: What have you learned while sheltering in place? How can we enable more equitable, effective, and efficient resolution of problems and disputes? How could the impact of current events lead to long-term, positive changes in the profession?

We would love to hear your thoughts on reimagining legal practice, the justice system, lawyer well-being, legal technology, and more. Please record and share your thoughts in a short, 20-30 second video. The video can be filmed on your computer, phone, or device. We will share an assortment of videos on our social media channels.

To submit your video, simply upload your files using this form.

Instructions for your video:

  • Introduce yourself (please say your name, occupation, and where you live).
  • Share one piece of advice, repeating the question in your answer (e.g., As we reimagine the legal profession, I hope…).

A few tips for creating quality video on your phone or device:

  • If you are using a phone to record, record in landscape mode (sideways).
  • Place the camera at eye level or slightly above, so it looks like you are looking at the viewer.
  • Position yourself so that a large soft light source (like a window) is in front of you. This will help eliminate shadows.

Videos will be posted on a rolling basis, so please share your video as soon as possible to ensure receipt. Please reach out to us at mail@2civility.org with questions.

Submit Your Video Here

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