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New Legal Hiring App Surfaces in the UK

legal hiring appAs I reported earlier this year, there’s literally an app for just about anything these days. And now, another new one has bubbled to the surface. No, not another character building application. This one will help you land your dream job.

This past summer, the Route1 app emerged. Route 1 is a legal hiring app launched in the UK. It’s like a Match.com or Tinder for lawyers and law firms. The legal hiring app boasts its ability to pair employers and job seekers with their soulmates. Talk about being married to one’s career.

Founder and CEO, Henry Allan developed the legal hiring app by combining his work in IT with his professional experience as a legal recruitment consultant. In so doing, he created a new form of technology that takes the pain out of the job hunting process for both employers and potential hires. It actually cuts out the middle man (or woman) altogether. The best part? Job hunters and employers can access the legal hiring app free of charge.

Here’s how it works.

Lawyers and legal professionals looking to find a new position download Route1 and register anonymously. From there, job seekers indicate their ideal location for employment, desired practice area, years of professional experience, and other specialties. Once the questions have been answered, the legal hiring app creates a unique profile for the user.

The app then offers up positions, provided by employers, that specifically fit the requirements and desires of the job seeker. Hopeful candidates can then swipe through jobs like they would a Tinder profile, until one or more resonates with them. They do not see jobs that the app does not believe are a good fit. Users can then apply for the job directly on the legal hiring app. At that point, the employer sees the specifics of the potential hires who’ve applied for the position in question. If a match is made, and the employer hires a candidate from Route1, the legal hiring app receives 5% of the new hire’s first year salary.

Currently, there are over 4000 legal professionals and 100 employers using the legal hiring app. Even more are expected to join in 2017, as Route1 looks expands its services across the globe. This past September, it opened its doors in Australia, and hopes to launch in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Abu Dhabi soon. Before you know it, it will be making its way to the United States.

If it does, would you use the service? Let us know in the comments below.


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