Illinois Launches New Legal Technology

legal technologyThis week, the Illinois Supreme Court’s Commission on Access to Justice approved new legal technology that will help simplify the process for many first-time pro se litigants.

With the help of Illinois Legal Aid, the Commission on Access to Justice formulated new standardized motion forms which will now be accepted in all Illinois Courts. These automated forms guide newcomers in the process of filing cases, ensuring that all of the content within the pleadings is complete and sets the litigant up for success before entering the courtroom.

Illinois has been on the cutting edge in several types of legal technology to assist SRLs. Most recently, Illinois was chosen to participate in a pilot program for an online legal aid tool sponsored by the ABA and Rocket Lawyer that assists pro se litigants with actual legal advice so these SRLs are properly prepared for what happens after the case has been filed.

As the justice system becomes more readily available to nonlawyers through the many advancements in technology, the scope of the legal world is changing. What’s next? Share with us your best guess at the next future innovation that will help bridge our justice gap.

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