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Legal Advice Goes On Demand

on demand legal adviceEarlier this month, the American Bar Association (ABA) and Rocket Lawyer announced a joint venture that will allow small businesses to seek legal advice on demand.

Through Rocket Lawyer’s cloud-based technological capabilities, ABA Law Connect will allow users to pay $4.95 to ask any legal-related question, which will then be timely responded to by an ABA member-lawyer.

The project’s goal is to provide low cost and easily accessible legal aid to small businesses across America.

“It’s always been [our] mission to leverage technology in order to bring quality and affordable legal services to small businesses,” said Charley Moore, Rocket Lawyer CEO. “ABA Law Connect will open up new channels for small businesses to get the professional counsel they need.”

This legal advice service launched its first test model in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and California.  We will keep you posted on latest updates on this ABA and Rocket Lawyer pilot program at @2Civility.

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