MCLE Board and Commission on Professionalism Partner for CLE Innovation Conference 

CLE innovation summitOur legal profession is evolving. As it does, lawyers need to grow their knowledge base to ensure they stay on top of changing practice norms. That’s why continuing legal education (CLE) remains crucial for all attorneys. CLE ensures that attorneys remain current with changes in the law. It also familiarizes lawyers with trends and best practices to keep them competitive in this new legal landscape.

As the profession evolves, so too does continuing legal education. We know attorneys want CLE programing that’s more interactive and engaging. Many are even opting for courses that are available online. We also know that providers need to offer CLE that’s educational and informative, as well as cost-effective for themselves and their attorneys. So what’s a course provider to do? How can providers best equip their lawyers with tools needed to succeed?

That’s where the Illinois MCLE Board and the Commission on Professionalism are stepping in to help.

On Friday, April 21st, 2017, the sister organizations will host their first Course Provider Innovation Conference in Chicago at Catalyst Ranch. The continuing legal education programming summit will share with legal organizations best practices for engaging, interactive, and innovative CLE for Illinois lawyers.

From 8am to 2:30 pm, conference attendees will learn trends and techniques for CLE course development and implementation strategies that will keep attorneys on their toes. Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier will welcome attendees. Following the introduction, Brad Kolar of Avail Advisors / Kolar Associates will spend the morning training attendees on how to deliver effective and innovative education to attorneys.

The day will conclude with breakout sessions designed to stimulate conversation and new approaches to CLE. These sessions will be facilitated by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism and the MCLE Board.

This first event is currently invite-only but the Board and the Commission hope to hold additional open events in the future. For additional questions and information, please contact the MCLE Board at 312.924.2420.

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