Let’s Talk Black Millennials

In my four and a half years of working at the Commission on Professionalism, and speaking around the state and country, absolutely nothing has gotten my audience as engaged (read: riled up) as talking about millennials in the workplace. As regular readers of our blog, and students of our online course on intergenerational communication, know, […]

20 Tips for Rising Millennial Attorneys

Last year, I wrote an article offering professionalism tips to Millennial attorneys. The feedback was terrific, but some of the responses pointed out that Millennials aren’t always first or second year attorneys. Instead many, like myself, have been practicing for almost 10 years. What they need now isn’t advice on how to start out. Rather, […]

The Shifting Attitudes of Workplace Millennials

Next week, we will swear in a new class of lawyers in Illinois. Many of these new lawyers will be millennials – young people born between 1980 and 2000 – who have had a tremendous impact on the legal workplace. We at the Commission on Professionalism have written a number of articles on workplace millennials. […]

Stop Complaining About Millennials

Over the past several years, I have heard many older workers complain about young people in the workplace. They leave work early, don’t complete their assignments on time, are not dressed professionally, request constant feedback, speak to their superiors as if they were peers, repeatedly job hop, and often desire the rewards without the work. […]

Legal Technology and Millennial Lawyers

Are robots still coming for lawyers? Despite the doomsdayers, the nay-sayers, and the harbingers, it appears that the imminent revolution is not so, well, imminent. So says a recent study of legal technology. Conducted by UNC and MIT, the study concludes that certain legal tasks are too complicated for machines to replicate. Selective advising, for […]

Will Women Lawyers Embrace Fashion Faux Pas?

Earlier this week, two elder stateswomen of the Millennial generation offered some career advice suitable for women lawyers: when you can’t beat ‘em, transform the game. On Tuesday night, Serena Williams played her older sister Venus for the 27th time, officially, on a tennis court. And amidst all the chatter about age and family and […]

U.S. News and the Law School Debt Crisis

The U.S. News and World Report Law School rankings came out on Monday and, with them, the congratulatory press releases from well-ranked law schools, and the “rankings shouldn’t matter” announcements from lower-ranked ones. So far, at least one law school has changed deans. Yesterday morning, the University of Dayton School of Law which, coincidentally or not, […]

Legal Management: Welcome to the 24/7 Workplace

What will the future millennial‐led workplace look like? If today’s trends continue, we can say one thing about that future workplace — it will exist 24/7. When I teach intergenerational workplace dynamics, I spend a great deal of time discussing how the concept of work hours has changed over the past century. As the 18th […]