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20 Legal News Sources for Illinois Lawyers and Judges

legal news sourcesLawyers have a duty to maintain their competency. The evolution of the practice of law is in constant flux. Statues, rules, and procedures are changing practically daily, demanding attorneys and judges “keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology, engage in continuing study and education and comply with all continuing legal education requirements to which the lawyer is subject.” Rule 1.1, comment 8 of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

My rule today – just like my University of Illinois undergraduate business law professor engrained in us – is to find the most (1) relevant, (2) authoritative, and (3) recent sources. Whether it is recent caselaw updates or proposed statutory changes, here are some of the best sources I turn to for my legal news (without endorsement or consideration):

  1. Illinois Supreme Court E-Mail Notifications – Subscribe to a laundry list of topics from released opinions to jury instructions.
  2. Illinois Supreme Court Twitter Feed (@illinoiscourts) – Timely announcements, press releases, and appointments from the Court brought directly to the mobile device and desktop. Bonus: turn on “mobile notifications” to get notice every time a tweet is posted.
  3. Recent Appellate Court Opinions – Track the lasted uploaded appellate opinions from around Illinois by date, docket number, citation, and case name. Bonus: find archived opinions as well. Also, don’t forget about the Seventh Circuit’s opinions.
  4. Recent Appellate Court Oral Arguments – Great for learning more about a case from the lawyers themselves before the court. Bonus: Never conducted an oral argument before? Listen to a few to get a feel for the process. You’ll do great!
  5. Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) E-Clips – Get your daily dose (or weekly, if you prefer) of legal news, plus Illinois and Seventh Circuit case digests, delivered to your inbox. (Member benefit)

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