William Bauer: Staunch Proponent of Professionalism

Judge William Bauer has been a lawyer, trial judge and appellate court judge.  He has been on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals since 1975.  It is clear that Judge Bauer has an un-abiding respect and love for the legal system. In this video, Judge Bauer shares his perspectives about what he has enjoyed about his career.

Most relevant to the work of the Commission on Professionalism, Judge Bauer shares how he led the charge to develop the Standards for Professional Conduct Within the Seventh Circuit.  He is proud that these standards have been adopted by courts across America and beyond.  Judge Bauer opines that judges have a pivotal role to play in setting a civil tone for trials and in the profession generally.  And society is watching.  “If people lose faith in lawyers and judges, they’ve lost faith in America.”

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