Was Your Law Degree Worth The Cost?

law degreeLast month, Gallup and Access Group released a survey of law school alumni that revealed their personal opinions on the value of their law degree. It turns out that over time law grads have had a change of heart.

After interviewing about 7000 law school graduates who attended Campbell University Law School, Elon University School of Law, Mississippi College School of Law, Nova Southeastern University College of Law, Samford University School of Law, University of Richmond School of Law, and Vanderbilt University Law School, many recent graduates felt that their law degree wasn’t worth the cost, and that they wouldn’t live through the experience again.

The survey reported that out of the participants who graduated in 2000-2015, only 37% strongly agreed and 19% agreed with the statement that if they could go back and receive a law degree again they would. To the contrary, out of those graduating in 1960-1979, 68% strongly agreed with the statement and 14% agreed.

Likewise, the survey also had participants consider the financial value of their law degree. When asked if they agreed with the statement that their law degree was worth the cost, of those graduating in 2000-2015, only 20% strongly agreed and 25% agreed. Out of those graduating in 1960-1979, 75% of respondents strongly agreed and 19% agreed.

Aside from the money variable, participants were also questioned about their mental well-being. The findings show that recent grads aren’t as passionate about their work as their elders in the workplace.

When asked if they were deeply interested in the work that they do, only 33% of law graduates from 2010-2015 agreed. The percentage was similar to those graduating in 2000-2009. However, nearly twice as many of those who graduated in 1960-1969, agreed that they were deeply interested in their work, 62%.

Why do recent law graduates have a different of opinion from many of their mentors? Do you think that the value of your law degree was worth the cost? Let us know what you think.

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