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The MCLE Board Embraces Legal Technology

technologyAs the legal profession goes digital, Illinois’s CLE Board – the MCLE – is increasingly incorporating new technology into its works.

Starting February 1, 2016, all attorneys will have to go online to report their compliance with CLE requirements pursuant to recently amended Illinois Supreme Court Rule 796.

According to the rule, attorneys will be required to submit all of their certifications through the MCLE Board’s online reporting system.

Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita B. Garman applauds the new rule, seeing it as a win-win for all parties involved.

Over the past several years, the number of attorneys taking advantage of the option for electronic reporting has steadily increased, thus, the new rule does not impose a burden on attorneys, rather, it responds to the changes we have seen in the way in which practitioners interact with the MCLE program. Electronic reporting of continuing legal education credits will be more convenient for attorneys, more efficient for the MCLE board to process, and more economical for all involved.”

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