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seek answersThe advancement of legal technology and artificial intelligence is changing the nature of our work. And the pace of this technological progress is not slowing down. It’s merely the beginning of a technological revolution.  

As our world is changing, lawyers are adapting. They are forming task forces, launching start-ups, developing apps, and participating in hackathons. They seek answers and challenge the status quo. 

At the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, we welcome these professors, practitioners, and other innovators to the stage at our annual The Future Is Now conference series to share their ideas and discoveries.  

This year, on May 2nd, some of the legal profession’s most innovative minds will share how they challenge the norm, doing law differently at our 2018 Conference. Speakers will highlight the practicality of artificial intelligence, legal research algorithms, how to retain diverse talent, the ethical obligations of data analytics, access to justice, criminal justice reform, and much more. 

Join the conversation before registration fills. Participate in the discussion by following the conference hashtag – #TheFutureIsNow – on social media. But, don’t stop there.  

Open yourself to new perspectives. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box and itch your curiosities. These lawyers did.  

Below are examples of lawyers going outside of their comfort zones to find answers, as well as posts that inspired our team to think differently. We hope that they spark a fire in you. 

Seek Answers. Challenge Your Mindset. 

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