Law School Orientation Attorney Facilitator Documents

The Law School Orientation documents were developed to prepare volunteer attorneys to facilitate small group discussions among law students at Law School Orientation.  In the small group discussion rooms, the students are given a handout with three discussion scenarios that address issues of civility, ethics, diversity and professionalism.  The attorney facilitator, using those scenarios, the Discussion Guide, and their own life experiences, leads the students in a group discussion.

Facilitator Guide includes an introduction to law school orientation, advice on encouraging discussion and tips for facilitating the discussion scenarios.

Discussion Guide: includes the scenarios provided to the law students as well as discussion ideas and answers for the facilitated group sessions.

Scenarios Handout for Students: a handout provided to law students.  This handout contains the scenarios and questions that they will discuss.

Pledge of Professionalism: an example pledge used at orientations for facilitator reference.

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