Professionalism Commission Marks 10 Years

Handed a lofty mission by high court, group spreads goal of improving lawyers’ conduct.

It was a seemingly daunting assignment that the Illinois Supreme Court gave to the newly formed Commission on Professionalism at the outset of its formation a decade ago.

The commission was given the following task under Supreme Court Rule 799: “[T]o promote among the lawyers and judges of Illinois principles of integrity, professionalism and civility; to foster commitment to the elimination of bias and divisiveness within the legal and judicial systems; and to ensure that those systems provide equitable, effective and efficient resolution of problems and disputes for the people of Illinois.”

This month marks 10 years since the commission formally opened its office at Two Prudential Plaza, where it started with two attorneys and 15 commissioners who set forth with implementing programs to help meet the high court’s broad mandate.

READ MORE Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Volume 162, No. 227  November 18, 2016

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