Penelope Bremner Picture

Penelope Bremner

Communications and Data Analytics Specialist

Penelope Bremner is the Communications and Data Analytics Specialist at the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism. She supports strategic communication, digital marketing, and social media efforts to raise awareness of the Commission. With an insight-driven approach, Penelope transforms analytical results into organizational strategy to drive new initiatives for the Commission.

Prior to her current role, Penelope worked as a Creative Strategist at Brado, a market research agency. At Brado, she utilized a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to influence positioning, marketing, product development, and other key business strategies.

In 2019, Penelope graduated with a bachelor’s in Public Relations from the University of Southern California (fight on!). In her free time, she loves trying new vegetarian recipes, weightlifting, traveling, and spending time with her close friends.