Commission Offers New Inclusive Leadership Course

inclusive leadership courseToday’s workplace doesn’t look the way it used to. Demographics, perspectives, and processes have changed, and they will only continue to evolve. To thrive in this new space, the legal profession has to think and lead differently. It calls for more inclusive leadership.

As we’ve reported time and time again, the legal profession is changing. Technology has altered the practice of law, and clients are looking for more efficient and accessible work. These changes have led to our new future workplace, a workplace containing four very diverse generations of employees, flatter organizational structures, freelance services, and 24-7 around-the-clock service.

At the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism we strive to create a more civil and inclusive profession, one that will remain relevant for years and years to come. Therefore, we created a new CLE course — Inclusive Leadership: Driving the Future Workplace — that will teach lawyers how to approach leadership differently in this future workplace.

The inclusive leadership course breaks down the characteristics of the future workplace, constructs a new model for leading in this environment, develops inclusion strategies to incorporate into today’s more diverse office space, and informs professionals how to better understand and interrupt implicit biases in professional circles at work.

Upon completion of this inclusive leadership course, lawyers will recognize the importance of being flexible as a leader, creating an atmosphere that allows every employee to thrive despite their variances in age, gender, race/ethnicity, and approaches to work. They will learn what it takes to create an environment in which their employees share a sense of belonging, mutual respect, and value.

Inclusive Leadership: Driving the Future Workplace has been approved for one hour of Professional Responsibility CLE credit in Illinois. The CLE has and will continue to be presented by our commissioners and commission staff, and can be customized for any office, firm, bar association, etc.

For any additional questions about the program or if you would like the Commission to facilitate this inclusive leadership course for your organization please contact Commission Diversity and Education Director Michelle Silverthorn.

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