Minnesota Law School Rolls out “Wheels of Justice”

wheels of justiceLaw schools across the country have long offered free representation to low-income clients through law school clinics. One school, however, is taking it one step further. Mitchell Hamline School of Law, located in St. Paul, Minnesota is taking one of their clinics to the streets. Earlier this month, the law school announced the creation of its Mobile Law Network – dubbed the “Wheels of Justice” by its student body – the first mobile legal clinic in the country.

Picture this.

A bright, cherry red, newly renovated RV that chauffeurs students across the state to provide pro bono service to those in need. According to Mitchell Hamline’s Dean and President, Mark Gordon, the old bed in the vehicle was removed to create two private office spaces where students can meet with clients one-on-one to offer guidance and support.

Currently, the law students are providing free legal assistance in the areas of family law, criminal expungement, and health care planning. The Wheels of Justice is also in the process of partnering with other Minnesota-area legal service providers to further expand the law school’s legal clinic on wheels.

While alumni and local donors raised $40K dollars to get the Mobile Law Network up and running, the law students were the ones who made the Wheels of Justice a reality.

You see, the law students don’t receive any academic credit for taking part in the program. They simply volunteer out of the goodness in their heart and the genuine interest in the cause.

And to think, many care to believe Millennials aren’t interested in pro bono service. It’s just like we discussed in one of our most recent blog posts, the cause needs to be accessible, transparent, professional, and ultimately truly matter. In this case, the Wheels of Justice does just that, and so much more.

Photo Credit: Mitchell Hamline School of Law

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