Martha Mills: Champion for Civil Rights

Retired Judge Martha Mills was a champion for civil rights throughout her storied career. As a judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County and since she has retired, Judge Mills has promoted restorative justice as a method for resolving disputes that also heals the community. A year after graduating from law school, Judge Mills left the relative comfort of her role as the first woman lawyer at a prestigious Wall Street firm to become one of the only female trial lawyers in Mississippi advocating for voting rights on behalf of blacks. Her experiences working with President Kennedy’s inspired Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law remind all lawyers about the importance of being guardians of the Rule of Law no matter the time and place.

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2 thoughts on “Martha Mills: Champion for Civil Rights

  1. Dear Judge,
    I am compiling an anthology of civil rights lawyers. I already have a contract to publish from University Press of Florida.
    I would love it if you would contribute.
    You can Google me to have a sense of my background.


  2. Dear Mr. Spriggs,
    I am convinced that this is a very small world. I was just wandering around in cyber space and found your comment to Marty Mills who happens to be a cousin of mine. The funny thing about this is the fact that I graduated from BCC in 1957 and recognized your name as a fellow student. My name was Sandi Eastman.

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