Lawyer Spotlight: Tamika R. Walker of DeRango & Cain, LLC

Tamika R. WalkerTamika Walker is an associate at DeRango & Cain, LLC in Rockford, where she focuses on family law.

What’s your primary practice area?

My primary practice area is family law with a focus on divorce, custody/parental allocation, child support, juvenile abuse and neglect, and Illinois Department of Children and Family Services appeals.

How has your practice evolved over the last few years?

In 2006, I began practicing law at the Winnebago County Office of the Public Defender. My primary focus was criminal law. In 2010, I began practicing family law with my current law firm. While my practice area has changed, solving client problems is always my objective.

From your perspective, how can lawyers adapt to the changing legal profession?

Lawyers can adapt by staying up-to-date on legislation, case law and practice management technology.

Why is civility important to the practice of law?

Civility is vitally important to the practice of law. Attorneys should be respectful and courteous. Often our profession is viewed negatively because of attorney behavior. When attorneys can advocate for their clients professionally, based on the law and facts, it leads to better outcomes for our clients.

I try to be courteous and respectful to pro se litigants and other attorneys. I believe this has helped me to have a reputation of being an honest, straightforward and tenacious practitioner.

What advice do you have for young lawyers?

Young lawyers should seek to identify at least one or two seasoned attorneys and seek mentorship from those attorneys. Never be afraid to ask questions. Join your local and state bar associations; they are invaluable to the practice of law.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my daughters and husband.

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