Justice Karmeier Named Chief Justice of Illinois Supreme Court

chief justice karmeierEvery three years the Illinois Supreme Court names a new Chief Justice. This time around, a lifelong resident of Washington County will step up to the plate.

Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier will be the 2nd Chief Justice from Washington County and the 120th Chief Justice of the state. He will be succeeding Chief Justice Rita B. Garman. Chief Justice Garman was the 2nd woman to hold the title as Chief Justice, and the first to serve in every judicial role from associate judge to Chief Justice over the course of 43 years. She believes Justice Karmeier is a deserving successor to the role.

I congratulate my friend and colleague, Justice Lloyd Karmeier, on his selection. I have known Justice Karmeier for many years and hold him in the highest regard. I have always appreciated his thoughtful legal analysis and his judicial temperament. Justice Karmeier is one of those rare individuals who can graciously offer and accept constructive criticism. As a result, his comments to me have often improved my opinions; my comments to him are always given due consideration. This ability to be open-minded and collegial is important in any justice, but most particularly in a chief justice. He will do a marvelous job. As I leave this role, there are several projects and initiatives that have begun over the past three years, but are not yet fully realized. I know that these projects will be in capable hands and that he will provide the leadership needed to see them through to fruition.

In his new role as Chief Justice, Justice Karmeier will serve as the chief administrative officer of the statewide judicial system, supervising over 900 Illinois judges. He will also be responsible for controlling and scheduling the Supreme Court’s agenda during its five terms each year and for supervising all appointments to the Supreme Court Committees.

In addition, Justice Karmeier will serve as Chair to the Executive Committee of the Illinois Judicial Conference and present the Court’s budget requests to the General Assembly annually.

Justice Karmeier will also continue to build on the momentum of Chief Justice Garman and the other Justices. According to the Supreme Court’s official announcement, Justice Karmeier plans to increase the state’s efforts toward expanding access to justice and e-filing initiatives.

Justice Karmeier’s term begins October 26, 2015.

To honor his appointment, the Illinois Supreme Court will host an installation ceremony for Justice Karmeier on Monday, October 31, 2016 at the Supreme Court Building in Springfield.


Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

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Erika Kubik

Erika Kubik

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