William Bauer: More than Just a Decent Man

Judge Bauer of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals shares his perspectives about mentoring and the source of his greatest hope about the future of the profession.  He talks about how the rule of law as the bedrock of our society and explains that lawyers represent those known to be guilty because everyone, even the accused, have rights protected by the Constitution.  He explains that if only some individuals, rather than all, have rights protected by the Constitution, then we’re all “doomed.”  How does he most hope to be remembered? “As a decent man.”

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Jayne Reardon
As a prior trial lawyer, Jayne leads lawyers to embrace the transformative possibilities of future law practice. As a prior disciplinary counsel, Jayne is passionate about promoting the core values of the legal profession. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School and the University of Notre Dame. Jayne lives in Park Ridge, Illinois with her husband and those of her four children who are not otherwise living in college towns and beyond.
Jayne Reardon

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