Fight Through The Noise Using Civil Communication

civil communication fight noiseCommunication is crucial to a lawyer’s success. Whether you are engaging with a client, colleague, or the judiciary, it is imperative that your message is clear. However, as we are exposed to new forms of technology, we continue to complicate the traditional model of communication.  

In this digital age, lawyers have an unlimited number of mediums to communicate their messages. Email, Facebook Messenger, face-to-face, VR, Slack, texting, snail mail, FaceTime, landlines, and more. The list goes on and on.  These new mediums create dialogue between constituents who may never meet in-person. They also allow our messages to be accessible to anyone and everyone with access to the internet. 

Though these new technologies create efficiency and a sense of globalization in our world, they also bring many setbacks. Setbacks that can become problematic when the law doesn’t clearly communicate all of the advancements of society. 

With more opportunities to communicate to a global audience, mediums are filled with noise. Noise that can prevent your message to find its intended receiver. And noise that can discriminate and express hatred towards individuals and entire populations. 

Through our weekly blog posts, news items, e-newsletter, and all of our educational programming, the Commission fights through that noise to offer the legal community insight into the changing legal profession, and remind our readers of the importance that civility and professionalism play in our personal and professional lives.  

As lawyers, we are leaders. To create and inspire change, we need to communicate clearly, civilly, and in line with our code of ethics. Below, our team has shared our own tips for effective, ethical, and empathic communication, as well as, a few pieces that challenged our team to think differently.  

We hope you take these words to heart and continue practicing what we preach. 

Using Effective, Ethical, and Empathetic Communication 

Content That Inspires Change  

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