Federal Judiciary Revamps Website to Increase Public Awareness

federal judiciary technologyThe U.S. Courts have gone digital. This month, the Federal Judiciary Center, the research and education agency of the Judicial Branch of the United States government, rebranded its website in the hopes of increasing public awareness and accessibility to information regarding the court system here in the United States.

Directed at judicial history buffs, academics, court personnel, and anyone with an interest in the Third Branch of government, the revamp to the Federal Judiciary website displays information about the legal system in a fun and much more engaging manner.

The redesign features highly interactive and informative content regarding court case data, judiciary demographics, and all of the historical developments beginning with the implementation of the three-branch system back in the 18th Century.

Aside from its visual appeal, the Federal Judiciary website is much easier to navigate. In fact, it’s the Federal Court’s first website update in nearly twenty years. For the first time ever, the U.S. Courts webpage is 100 percent mobile-friendly. In addition to this, nearly all of the content is shareable directly through social media and email as well. This user-friendly content includes visual timelines laying out the major advances in case law and judicial administration, not to mention a map displaying the growth of the circuit courts from the colonial times to the present day.

The year-long project concludes just in time to further promote public awareness in conjunction with Law Day (May 1). Judge Jeremy D. Fogel, Director of the Federal Judiciary Center, made the project a top priority in 2016. He, along with other leaders at the U.S. Courts, have urged advancement for quite some time now, especially as the profession continues to evolve.

Here’s to hoping more of the courts will follow suit. See for yourself. Check out the Federal Judiciary Center’s new website here.

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