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Email Addresses Now Required For All Illinois Attorneys

email attorneyHow often do you check your email? Pretty frequently, right? Email has become one of the most common ways to communicate with our colleagues, clients, and other personal and business contacts.

Yes, even lawyers are using email for work and play. In fact, according to an ABA study back in 2007, 97% of lawyers use it daily.

Since you are reading this post right now, it’s fairly certain that as a legal professional you are well-acclimated with the internet. So this new rule may not come as a surprise to you.

As of January 1, 2016, all Illinois attorneys are required to include a primary email address on a number of different notices for hearings and summonses and he/she may not designate more than two secondary email addresses on all following documents:

  • notices of hearing for an order of replevin;
  • general summonses;
  • summonses requiring appearance on a specified day;
  • summonses in certain other cases in which specific date for appearance is required;
  • summonses requiring appearance within 30 days after service;
  • summonses under the Administrative Review Law;
  • appearances and all pleadings filed in the Circuit Court to which documents may be served in conformance with Illinois Supreme Court Rule 131(d).

Even though we may not yet be the most tech-savvy of professions, we are certainly making progress in the world of technology.


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