Attorney Applications For CLE Credit

The attorney CLE applications below are for certain out-of-state and non-traditional courses or activities including lawyer-to-lawyer mentoring. Please begin by reviewing the rule requirements for obtaining professional responsibility CLE credit for these applications.

Attorney Application: Out-of State CLE

Out-of-state CLE is defined by Rule 795(c)(5). Attorneys receive professional responsibility credit for certain out-of-state CLE courses when the course provider did not seek accreditation in Illinois.

Please log in to your MCLE dashboard to apply for out-of-state CLE credit.

Attorney Application: Non-traditional CLE

Rule 795(d) lists nine non-traditional courses or activities that qualify for CLE credit: attending in-house programs, law school courses, bar association meetings, and law-related cross-disciplinary programs such as medical-legal seminars; teaching CLE courses; part-time teaching of law courses; writing law books and law review articles; pro bono training; and completing an approved lawyer-to-lawyer mentoring program.

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If you are attending in-house programs, attending law-related cross-disciplinary programs, attending association meetings, teaching CLE courses, or participating in pro bono training, the provider organization will provide you with a certificate for professional responsibility credit.

Attorney Application: Mentoring CLE

CLE credit for mentoring is set forth in Rule 795(d)(11). To receive 6 hours of professional responsibility credit for participation in a mentoring program pre-approved by the Commission, submit this mentoring application upon completion of the one-year program.

Mentoring CLE Application