law student wellness

Become A Happy, Healthy Lawyer: 3 Wellness Tips For Law Students

With August coming to a close, law schools are officially back in session. In Illinois, the Commission on Professionalism welcomed 1Ls at seven of the nine local law schools. At each Professionalism Orientation, Justices, Judges, Deans, facilitators, Commissioners, and even our very own…
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Bouncing Back: the Value of Resilience

In reading about lawyers’ mental health, I keep running across the word “resilience.” What is resilience and why is it important to lawyers? Resilience is Important to Everyone The definition of resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. …
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law student wellness

Here’s the Secret to Law Student Wellness

I attend a lot of legal profession awards and I always see the same thing. No matter the occasion or award, no matter how extensive the professional accomplishments, every awardee ends his or her speech with the same thank you’s…
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work-life balance

Work-Life Balance Is Possible

As we start a new year, our thoughts naturally go to new beginnings. And if you’re anything like me, pretty much every year you re-commit to goals of achieving better work-life balance. New Year’s resolutions haven’t traditionally lasted long for…
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law firms increase attorney engagement

Why Law Firms Need to Increase Attorney Engagement

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of presenting at the National Association of Legal Professionals Professional Development Institute. NALP-PDI brings together legal professionals from across the country, and world, who focus on law student and attorney development. Among many others,…
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Slowness Moment

A Case For Slowness In The Legal Profession

The ancient Greeks had two words to express the notion of time: chronos and kairos. The former was used to connote chronological time, and the latter was used to connote a qualitatively different kind of time– a moment of indeterminate…
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Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness Practice In Law Firms

Last week, I attended the NALP Professional Development Institute in Washington D.C. It was an educational and engaging two days interacting with some of the best minds in legal education and professional development. Topics ranged from online learning to strategic…
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lawyer mental health

Solving the Stigma of Lawyer Mental Health

The legal profession has a mental health problem. Lawyers are 3.6 times more likely to suffer from depression. Legal professionals experience depression more frequently than those working in other occupations. And lawyers rank fourth in suicide rates by profession. The…
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Make Employees Happier and

Ways to Make Employees Happier and Healthier

A recent article in the trend-spotting report of market research firm The Intelligence Group caught my eye. It noted that on the East and West coasts, “Traditional meet-ups over drinks are slowly becoming supplanted by more immersive means of connecting,…
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Healthy Pessimism

Is There a Healthy Dose of Pessimism?

For better or worse, negativity plays a huge role in the legal profession. The legal field boasts a disproportionate number of unhappy members. With mental health and substance abuse issues skyrocketing in both the profession and in law schools, it…
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